Minutes of Meeting dated 18 March 2022 held at Baildon Golf Club


John Turner (JT),

Dawn Tinsley (DT),

Louise Mallinson (LM),

Peter Linley (PL),

Sue Wheatley (SW)

Ian Helyar (IH),

Richard Nottidge (RN),

Susan Kean (SK)


1.APOLOGIES– Mike Webster (MW), Charlotte Martin (CM), Robin Weedon (RW), Catherine Dunne (CD), Jan Studzinski (JS)




JT noted that he had attended the talk in Eldwick  ( to be discussed later) and met with the headmistress of Hoyle Court School ( to be discussed later)




  • Skip – may not be needed
  • Add line to accounts – actioned
  • Contact Acorn re water butts – actioned
  • Polytunel kit for water butts – actioned
  • Hoyle Court allotment opportunity – actioned
  • Meeting with Eldwick and Gilstead Horticultural Society – actioned




Two questions received from members:

  1. when will water be turned back on?
  2. can the gate at Charlestown be left open?

The Committee agreed that the water could be turned on from 21 March (Action, ask Steve to turn it back on – PL/JT)

In relation to the gate, it was clarified that there had been no further thefts. The Committee agreed that the gate could now be left open until 6:00 pm provided that there were 2 cars clearly visible in the car park. (Action SW to draft e-mail for DT to circulate).

Previously, members had asked about the provision of composting toilets. The Committee had concluded that these were too expensive and that there would be maintenance issues. An article however will be drafted for the newsletter drawing members attention to the possibility of personal portable toilets (Action – LM)




Allotment Officers Reports:


Charlestown – CM advised, by e-mail, that there are 10 on the waiting list and no vacant plots. One letter needed to be sent about inadequate cultivation.

Thompson Lane – LM reported there are 7 on the waiting list. The Committee thanked Alan and Mike who had completed the base for the new communal greenhouse. Two letters needed to be sent out about inadequate cultivation.


The Committee discussed the requirement that a plot be 75% cultivated within a year and noted that some people took plots on and then didn’t cultivate them at all. The Committee resolved to amend the rules to include the following:


“The Committee reserves the right to re-possess a plot if there are obvious signs of neglect.”


This change will be drawn to plot holders attention in the newsletter (Action – JT)


Treasurer’s Report

JT, in the absence of the Treasurer, drew attention to her monthly report. He noted that the Society owed the Town Council £900. He also drew the Committee’s attention to the ground rent paid by the Town Council to Bradford Council and the grant that the Town Council received from Bradford Council. The report was accepted.


Secretary’s Report



Health and Safety Report

No report submitted however JT drew the Committee’s attention to the state of one of the smallholder plots at Charlestown and concerns about asbestos. ( Action – IH to visit and make recommendations).

At Thompson Lane a boundary tree has blown down. This is the responsibility of the Town Council. ( Action JT-  to speak to Town Council).


Show Secretary’s Report

DT reported that she had got £800 in sponsorship. She asked IH to check if the golf club wanted an advert ( Action – IH)




Trips/Talks – JT reported that 6 members had attended the Eldwick and Gilstead Talk by Geoff Hodge and had found it to be very informative. In future, more places will be available for BHS members. The hall can hold 120. A volunteer to coordinate attendance is required ( Action – JT). The Eldwick and Gilstead Society also have a limited number of spaces on the trips that they have organised for the forthcoming year. Unfortunately, the members of the Eldwick and Gilstead Society that organise trips and talks are standing down.

The Committee discussed whether BHS could offer Eldwick and Gilstead affiliation and access to the shop and show.

SW suggested that rather than organising long trips BHS would be better to start small if it went down this route. She suggested the possibility of arranging visits to “yellow book” gardens, which only opened by appointment.




RW would like to take some informal pictures of Committee members on their plots. (Action -RW)






JT reported that he had been to Hoyle Court Primary School with DT. They have 4 large raised beds that are compacted but that they want to bring back into use and they have asked the Society for assistance. There are grants that the school can access. The need for input from parents was also discussed. ( RN advised that there was already a parent group involved with tree planting). DT is happy to take the lead on the project and will write an article for the newsletter asking for volunteers to help. IH offered his help preparing the beds. ( Action – DT)




DT explained how the allotment competition would work this year. Roger Dalton, from xxxxxxx had been appointed as judge. He will use the same criteria as previous years but also a points system. He will visit April/early May and then later in the year. DT has produced a poster. It will not be associated with the show but with an event later in the year at the allotments.


DT and CM are proposing to raise money for Ukraine by selling sunflower plants ( the national plant of Ukraine).

Date and Time of Next Meeting

Need to check with Baildon Golf Club to see when we can revert back to Mondays for meetings.