Minutes of Zoom Meeting
on 8 November 2021 held at Baildon Golf Club


John Turner (JT),

Dawn Tinsley (DT),

Charlotte Martin (CM),

Peter Linley (PL),

Louise Mallinson (LM),

Richard Nottidge (RN),

Susan Kean (SK),

Catherine Dunne (CD)


Apologies for Absence:  Ian Hellier, Sue Wheatley, Mike Webster, Robin Weedon


Chair’s Opening Remarks

JT welcomed Susan Kean and Catherine Dunne to the meeting. SM was a plot   holder from Thompson Lane and CD was a new Member. Both were co-opted onto the committee. 


3    Actions from Previous Meeting

  • Let tenants know how to turn water back on (DT) – discussion about looking into obtaining several large water butts for the main hut so the rest of the water can be turned off.


  • Society Membership (SW – see attached paper) – Discussed retaining membership of the Gladioli Society, National Chrysanthemum Society and National Vegetable Society so that we can get the medals for the show and encourage people to grow these flowers. Also affiliation with the RHS for the benefits listed in SW’s paper. The total cost £110.  Agreed to retain membership to these four Societies.  Action CD


  • Invertor Price and Loan of Power Tools (JT) – JT has asked for a grant from Shipley Area Panel Community Chest for £500 to purchase an upgraded invertor for each sales hut.


  • Building at Thompson Lane (MW, Alan Terry) – delayed due to holidays and illness but hope to be some progress by the next meeting


  • Leaf collection promotion (RW) – lots of promotion on social media but not many people have dropped leaves off yet but a few have said they are collecting them.


Member’s Issues

PL advised that a member had mentioned that there were some potholes on the Charlestown Drive.  JT to ask the Town Council for a grant.  CM to ask for an estimate to repair the drive from the gate upwards.  Action JT/CM




Allotment Officers


Charlestown – CM reported that there were15 on the waiting list and she had sent out 4 improvement letters.




Thompson Lane  – LM reported that there were 20 on the waiting list and 5 plots would shortly be available due to splitting some plots and one eviction.  The recently evicted tenant had been during the evening before the final day of his notice to take his polytunnel frame down and may have caused some damage.  MW to check on CCTV and a working party and skip to be arranged to clear the plot in the next week or so.  Action MW/LM



JT reported that the water bill for Charlestown was £260.88 and Thompson Lane £106.68.  SK suggested we let tenants know how much it costs us for water which may encourage them to conserve it more.


Secretary – nothing to report


Health and Safety – nothing to report


Show Secretary – nothing to report


Telephone Boxes

RW had reported that the Station Road box was making good progress and the undercoating would be done before winter sets in.


Rabbit Disease (RHD2) in West Yorkshire

One of the plot holders breeds rabbits and they have recently all died from RHD2 as there is an outbreak in West Yorkshire and other places.  Also Avian Flu has been found in Worcester so we may have to keep poultry inside again.  Tenants with smallholder plots need to be aware.


Nominations for 2022 Committee

CD was nominated and seconded as Treasurer, subject to meeting with Sarah Oddy, the Accountant, and going through the books with DT and JT.  Action JT/DT/CD

JT was not aware of anyone else who wants to nominate anyone or be nominated themselves for a position on the Committee.  PL confirmed that we need 5 members to be quorate for meetings.


AGM arrangements and reports

AGM Monday 13th December at 7.00.  30 pie and peas ordered.  To ask RW to do posters for each site.  Action LM to ask RW 


10  Any Other Business

SK said she would like to organise a seed swap to be made available at all times, ie not just on Sundays when the hut was opening, similar to Charlestown.  To look into creating a sheltered area possibly in or around the new communal greenhouse at Thompson Lane.  Action SK 


11 Date of next meeting - AGM- 7:00 Monday 13 December at Baildon Golf Club.

Review of our Affiliated Memberships


In the past the Society has been an affiliated member of a number of Societies. These memberships appear to have been renewed as a matter of course each year by the Treasurer. However this did not happen last year. This has prompted a review of the benefits arising from affiliated membership of the various Societies.

Medals at show

One of the main benefits of membership is that it allows medals to be awarded at the annual show. The Show Secretary put together the attached document for the 2019 show. This sets out which of the show classes related to which affiliated Society. Affiliated membership of the RHS enables the Banksian medal to be awarded, which is awarded to the entrant who achieves the most points at the show. This was not awarded at the 2021 show and only one complaint was received about this. Unfortunately, very few people enter the Gladiolus, Dahlia and Chrysanthemum classes.


RHS Affiliated membership

The fee for this is £35 for a year and the year runs from 1 February – 31 January. In addition to enabling the award of the Banksian medal, the RHS sets out that affiliated members have access to resources and support and lists the following benefits:

  • One free annual visit to an RHS Garden for up to 55 members
  • Free gardening advice
  • Access to competitive Insurance (IH has been asked to compare this to our existing insurance)
  • Access to horticultural federations and guilds on a county wide basis
  • List of judges and speakers (no suggestion that these are at a reduced rate)
  • Stationary at competitive prices
  • Reduced price access to RHS garden – a Society can purchase a maximum of 3 cards ( £10 for 2 adults), which gives 30% off a garden visit. The cards are owned by the Society and can be used an unlimited number of times.

Gladiolus Society Affiliated Membership

The fee for 2021 was £12. Their website doesn’t show what the fee will be in 2022. Their year commences in January. They list the benefits as:

  • Advice and experience from successful growers in UK and abroad
  • Free copy of Gladiolus Annual
  • 3 Newsletter bulletins per year, free admission to exhibitions where it can be arranged, and right to exhibit at all Society exhibitions
  • Use of Society book and transparency library and receive free advice

National Chrysanthemum Society Affiliated Membership

The fee for this per year is £20. They don’t set out what they consider to be the benefits of membership apart from medals. Although affiliated members can advertise their show on the Society’s website. At the end of December 2019 there were 69 affiliated Societies in the northern group.

Dahlia Society Affiliated Membership

The yearly membership is £15 and the year appears to run from the date joined. The benefits set out are:

  • Quarterly newsletter
  • Ebooks
  • Digital Annual
  • Paper Annual
  • Society medals and cards
  • Wisley/Harrogate Discount
  • Show entry allowed
  • can also create own webpage


National Veg Society Affiliated Membership

This costs £22 a year. The cost of the medal is an extra £7.60. They highlight the following additional benefits:

  • Copy of NVS quarterly magazine “Simply Vegetables”
  • Access to members section on website
  • Ability to engage qualified judges and lecturers for group
  • Part of a community network

Worshipful Company of Gardeners

Their website doesn’t appear to refer to the ability to become an affiliated member. It is a survivor from the ancient craft guilds and seems to have a London bias.

Overall costs of memberships to Society

RHS                                                                  £35     

Gladiolus Society                                              £12

Chrysanthemum Society                                   £20

Dahlia Society-                                                 £15

National Veg Society ( incl medal)                     £29.60

TOTAL                                                               £111.60


Benefits of Membership

The benefits of the various Societies have not been fully utilized in recent years. In particular, the RHS benefits. Next year the development of educational and social activities is to be promoted and therefore remaining an affiliated member of the RHS ties in with this and is recommended.

The views of the Show Secretary are more relevant to affiliated membership of the other Societies. The following questions arise:

  1. Do we need the medals?
  2. Do the judges need to be members of the various Societies?
  3. Does membership of the various flower societies provide value for money as so few enter these classes (can we encourage more entries?)
  4. Do we want to advertise on external Society websites to encourage entries from non members?

If we do continue to remain members of the various Societies then the benefits of membership should be promoted; for example in the newsletter and on our website.

The Committee member responsible for renewal of the membership needs to be made explicit. As payment of monies is involved, this would appear to be the Treasurer.