2021 AGM

Annual General Meeting 2021

Annual Report


Last year we held the AGM virtually as were our Committee Meetings because of Covid19 restrictions until August when we held our first meeting at our new home, Baildon Golf Club. It was a relief to be able to meet in person and I must thank the Committee and our Members for their forbearance over the last two years.

We were saddened to lose Claire and Eric Waterworth form the Committee due to serious health concerns and we wish them well, but have been pleased to welcome Sue Kean and Catherine Dunne in their place.

Despite the restrictions we have been able to make many improvements to the sites and produce a successful Show.

The Committee at year end consists of:

John Turner, Chair
Louise Mallinson, Vice-Chair
Sue Wheatley, Secretary

Catherine Dunne, Treasurer

 Ian Helyar, Health and Safety

 Sue Kean, General

Peter Lindley, Shop Officer
Charlotte Matin, Allotment Officer

Richard Nottidge, Membership Officer

 Dawn Tinsley, Show Sec & Newsletter

Mike Webster, Allotment Officer

Robin Weedon, Communications Officer

Achievements this year

  • The installation of Solar Panels and full security systems at both sites.

  • Hosted visits from Walkers are Welcome (from whom we received great praise for

    our efforts on rearing rare breed poultry)

  • Provided an educational visit for Beavers who were successful in gaining their

    ‘Gardening Badge ‘using our new Education Room.

  • Provided and hosted the Annual Baildon Horticultural Show, this was a calculated

    risk as other local Societies had cancelled theirs. It turned out to be a success and we made a small surplus with which we have allocated to the potential provision of battery-operated tools for Members use.

  • We continue to produce our Monthly newsletter to keep in touch with our members and interested members of the public.

  • Redesigned our website as we seek to improve our communications with members and the wider public.

  • Refurbished the Telephone Box at the Junction Pub and created a small garden there. The Box will have a ‘Brewery’ theme as hops, malt, barley have been sown. Work has now begun on the Post Office telephone box which will have flowers planted and ‘Pop up’ donation capabilities.

  • Established leaf collection boxes to facilitate members to use the subsequent leafmould to enrich the soil on their plots

  • Arranged regular deliveries of horse manure and bark chippings for members use.

Issues this year

  • Complaints regarding Cockerel noise, dealt with to the satisfaction of Bradford Environmental Health.

  • Theft of member’s belongings including wheelbarrows and strimmers. Perpetrators not found but installation of CCTV should help us to identify miscreants.

  • Plots not being kept up to required standards. Several plot holders have been evicted and ‘Improvement Letters’ being recorded to identify serial offenders.

  • Gate closing at Charlestown. Due to non-compliance with guidelines, the gate will now be closed from November to March after each entry and exit. The Committee will re-assess in February.

Personal aspirations for 2022 by The Chair

  1. To increase our non-plot holder’s membership.

  2. To begin educational tours and talks

  3. To find gardening opportunities within our wider community and encourage projects

    which increase our profile and values

  4. To continue to encourage gardening in an environmentally sensitive way.

  5. To encourage (at this stage) water butts to be used by all who have sheds or

    greenhouse to save the soaring water bills.

In Conclusion

Let us hope 2022 will be a ‘normal’ year during which we can begin to grow our membership and our profile, to bring to Baildon the real benefits of a Horticultural Society that promotes environmentally friendly gardening and develops projects to enhance our town.

We have a full Committee but we would be delighted to Co-opt or support those Members who have particular horticultural or livestock skills which they can make available to us or wish to develop projects with which we can assist.

John Turner
Chair of Baildon Horticultural Society

December 2021