Guide to New Exhibitors

Exhibiting for the first time? Here are some tips to get you started

There are three main things that the judges will be looking for:



According to schedule

You entry should look fresh and bright. 

If the class requires several flowers or fruits they should be as near as possible the same size.

As the class was defined in the schedule.

Potatoes. Should be carefully washed to avoid damage to the skins (not scrubbed). They should be even in size, not necessarily large, free from blemishes and without deep eyes. Do not polish.

Cabbages. Cut the cabbage just before the show, as freshness will count high. If cabbages mature too quickly, lift them at their prime time and hang them upside down in a cool dark place.

Onions. Should be large, firm and have thin necks. Roots and broken skins should be removed (do not skin excessively) and about 1” of neck should be bent over and tied neatly.

Dwarf and Runner Beans. Dwarf and runner beans should be straight, fresh, plump with brittle pods and little outward signs of seeds.

Tomatoes. Should be ripe and of good shape, in good condition, as even as possible with stalks intact. Tomatoes on a truss may be ripe or unripe.

Apples and Pears. Should be picked as near as possible to the show. Pick perfect fruit as near even in size as possible and leave the stalk on the fruit.

Soft Fruit. Do not exhibit unripe or over ripe fruit. Stalks must be intact. Select fruit as even in size as possible.