Baildon Telephone Boxes

One of the projects we are working on at present is the renovation of two of the decommission BT boxes in Baildon

The two boxes are the one by the Junction Pub and the other in Station Road by the Post Office both in a sad state of repair

The Junction Box

The phone box is a K6 kiosk and was designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott to commemorate the Silver Jubilee of the coronation of King George V in 1935.

Unfortunately the box was in quite a sad condition when renovating work started. The door frame which is wooden was rotten in several areas.


 The door was repaired with wood hardener and filler. All the old glass panels where removed. The box was then rubbed back to remove all loose paintwork. The box was then given an undercoat and two finishing coats.

To sercure the box Mortice Door Bolts have been fitted.

A dust to dawn solar light is to be fitted, which will all light the box up in the evenings after sunset.

 New ‘Telephone’ Signs where installed to replace faded ones. A image of a interior of the box was sourced and printed to scale and mounted on the back of the box to give the effect of an old style phone box.

The Railings to the back of the box was rubbed back and painted.




There were some large old wooden joists around the phone box. These where used to make a raised bed. The area around the box was found to be made up of cobblestones, these where cleaned up and replaced. The landscaping around the box has been planted with planting that relates to brewing and botanicals used in spirits. Hops and Jasminum will grow up the rails. The beds are planted with Blackthorn (sloes) Rosemary, Yarrow, Achillea and Rosa Rugosa (rosehip).

The planting once established should make this area an attractive green space and showcase the box which is a classic British design icon.